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>> the suspect is listed in critical condition at another hospital. >> be sure to stay with us for any and all updates to this news. >> moments after the shooting, police responded to another shooting, this time in the area of patterson park. police are still at the scene. earlier today across town, even more gunfire. two shootings. the first was after the north fulton area. an 18-year-old was shot. both victims were rushed to shock trauma. police think that the cases are related but they're not sure. those shootings were not too far from a double shooting. two men were shot on pennsylvania avenue or around 9:00 which is about a few blocks north of this afternoon's violence. it is not known if any or all of these shootings are related. >> there are new details following the murder of an employee in bethesda. the woman's co-worker believed to be a survivor of the attack has now been arrested. she is now charged with the murder of jayna murray. the suspect said that it yeah men broke into the store after hours. >> our analysis of forensic evidence was not supporting the story. in
only 2% of the world's oil resources. it is easier to decrease the amount we use than to dramatically increase our supply. >> it could soon use part of its demand. people will look to public transportation. >> i will start thinking about writing -- riding a bike. >> averaging $3.70 this spring, spilling over $4 this summer. imagine paying $5.39 for a gallon of unleaded. that is how much it costs in orlando florida. it makes it a crime stopping destination. you can compare local gas prices and calculate your mileage on our web site. you can find gas prices on your cellphone by using our free android and iphone apps. libyan officials are being investigated for crimes against humanity. this is the first time the court will be investigating claims while they are occurring. some of the allegations include security forces killing unarmed protesters and air strikes on civilians. gaddafi will be held responsible for his action. >> a 30-year-old is charged with stabbing 17-year-old ronald gibbs and his sister over the weekend. she suffered a cut to the on, he later died at the hospital. they b
in corsica. the military intervention had begun. later the u.s. fired 110 cruise missiles as well, hitting at least 20 libyan air defense systems. earlier in the day, but of the tanks and troops had punched or rebel defenses. intense fighting spread across the rebel capital, killing dozens, including many civilians. many families fled in their cars by the hundreds, heading east to the egyptian border. their hopes of getting military help crust. >> we are left alone with this killer. >> at one point, and -- a fighter plane was seen falling from the sky and crashing. the cause is still unclear. back in tripoli, the government said it was abiding by a ceasefire declared on friday. this amateur video was reportedly shot after the cease- fire. >> enter that gaddafi forces did, and once over benghazi, they lost little time, firing on and -- the rebels were celebrating the news. back in tripoli, there was defiance. thousands of libyan supporters packed into gaddafi's compound, effectively making themselves human shields. while state tv told libyans that america and nato had bombed civilian areas
. >> the disaster in japan has a crippling effects on the economy. every nation that uses nuclear power is taking a very close look at the safety plans of their plants. >> they are applying stress tests. germany is testing seven of theirs. what is the state of nuclear power here in the u.s.? >> [inaudible] >> this is a growing acceptance in recent years of nuclear energy as a clean, green, and effective answer to the foreign oil. then came japan. >> this is a game changer. if one is an advocate of nuclear energy, for now the nuclear renaissance is over and america. >> the crisis in japan exposes the downside of nuclear energy again. americans are nearing the 32nd anniversary of three mile island. no one was killed or injured in an accident but the confusion, chaos, and fear of what turned out to be a meltdown can tell it a long lasting blow to the expansion of nuclear energy in the u.s.. -- what turned out to be a meltdown dealt a long lasting blow. there will be soul-searching as a result of the crisis. >> there will be research into what happened here, the future of nuclear technology. in the m
us that the teenager was relatively new to the area. >> anyone with information about the shooting is urged not to call baltimore county police or crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lock up. >> yemen's president says he will not hand over power to military commanders who joined the opposition. we first reported last night that yemen's president is quickly running out of allies. he said he will step down at the end of the year. again, he will not hand over power to defectors. yemen remains in a state of the emergency. in libya, just after 6:00 p.m. our time, libyan leader of walmart gaddafi appeared pledging -- leader muommar gaddafi appeared pledging victory. u.s. commanders say the f-15 was not shot down over libya. it suffered a mechanical failure. the airmen ejected and survived. six libyans were said to have been killed. those investigating the crash promised to investigate the reported deaths as well. meanwhile, president obama continues his trip in south america, angering conservatives at home. >> he is in brazil, and south america, kicking soccer balls with little boys instead of bei
disappear. those who remain at the complex tell us residents are now extremely vigilant about safety and saddened by the family's loss. >> i prayed every night that they will get closure for their family. >> crimestoppers is offering $7,000 reward. there is also a private reward of $35,000. >> there are new efforts in effect to find a man authorities are now calling the east coast rapist. billboards with sketches of the subject -- of the suspect have been put up. police believe the men may be responsible for more than a dozen attacks. website about the case has been set up. you can find a link on our website,. >> panel will begin an investigation into the shooting that killed officer torbit. the family hopes to finally receive some answers. >> i want the truth to come out so we will have closure. it will not bring sean back, but it will give us closer. >> is important to me that we have a strong, independent panel of national experts. we want to have confidence that we learn from this incident and nothing like this ever happens again. >> the board includes a former police chief from
is faring in a moment. we begin with the latest in japan and with the u.s. is doing for americans stuck there. s teamin tonight' coverage. >> he says the u.s. is bringing all resources to bear to protect american citizens and reassured americans at home. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s., whether it is the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories. >> at the nuclear plant, crews have been scrambling to cool the overheated reactor. helicopters and water cannons to douse the fuel rods the that it is difficult to know how will it is working. >> it will have to cool down the fuel. we're not able to a set -- set foot into the site. >> the state department said the evacuation affected 100 americans and more flights are being arranged. >> we're not forcing them to go anywhere. we will tell them they have a flight. >> buses have been sent to evacuate americans stuck without transportation near the nuclear plant but out of the risk zone. there is a team of technical experts working with the japanese government to cool the reactor is. >> this is something tha
, virginia, connecticut, and rhode island, since 1997. finally, today, a tip led u.s. marshals to the rest of aaron thomas at his home in connecticut. detectives say a cigarette butt matched the dna found at crime scenes. >> it was anonymous caller. they were able to put some information themselves. both of these things: that the same time. >> at least 17 women have been a great by the man known as the east coast rapist. the first was in maryland in 1997. a man on a bicycle raped a woman as she walked home from work. the most recent known attack was in virginia 17 months ago where two teenagers for rape walter kerr trading. >> this is not over but this is a relief for the victims. -- the most recent attack was when two teenagers were trick or treating. >> he would wear a mask or a hooded sweatshirt to hide his face. erin thomas grew up in virginia and went in price -- to high school in prince george's county, maryland. he has recently been living in new haven, connecticut. >> protesters were out in full force again taking aim at the government. they gathered in the capital of bahrain and p
and 400 other people to move into the junior high school. >> there are huge food shortages. we're using reclaimed water from the school swimming pool, for example, to flush the toilets so the sanitary conditions aren't so good as well. >> but the greatest concern right now is its proximity to the nuclear power plant that is dealing with the potential radiation leak. the school sits 56 miles from the site. >> no one has discussed evacuation or contamination procedures or anything like that here. we're really in the dark, literally and figuratively here. >> we asked university of maryland college park professor to put the fears into perspective. >> if it runs out of cool nt, the engine will seize up and then will have problems. but unlike a car, the problems here are radioactive problems. either the third or second most seerings accident. >> even in the worst case scenario doesn't play out, he is still concerned about the radiation that has already leaked. >> nobody seems to know what level of risk we are at right now. now that rain is coming and they are saying there's radiation in the a
to work. he changed his life. i used to always tell david you have to learn how to walk away, because people do not fight that way anymore. they fight with guns and knives. >> she fears that whoever stepped her son will kill again if no one speaks up about what happened. >> come forward. help heal us. >> the friends and family and three children need closure. >> investigators have not identified any suspects in this case. you are asked to call police if you have any tips to offer. >> another tragic death. charges may be filed after 84- year-old -- after a four-year- old plan with a gun shot himself. the gun was not registered. note charges have been filed so far. an update on the officer shot on friday in a string of violence. police detective michael rice underwent emergency surgery today for complications from the gunshot wound he received on friday. he was shot as he approached an armed man. police officers shot that man, whose identity remains unknown. >> a maryland man has lost his life fighting in afghanistan. the staff sergeant died yesterday while supporting operation in durin
impact us here in baltimore. >> just like dust particles. atomic particles can be drawn into the atmosphere by winds or something like that. they can get caught in the upper level wind, what we call the jet stream. >> this graphic shows how the particles can travel on the winds of the jet stream, which are always changing. no single area should get a steady stream of radiation. >> quite a bit of dilution occurs between japan and here. >> the particles weaken as they travel. >> radioactive iodine and other particles decay over time. they become less radioactive with time. >> that confirms the assurances that the levels detected in maryland do not pose a health risk. he adds the state will test radiation levels more often as a precaution. he stresses that our exposure is so low it is not necessary to do anything to cut your risk. the doctor warns against taking any supplements that may promise to lower radiation levels. he says side effects often outweigh the benefits. >> thank you. for weeks, we have been reporting on the impact the disaster in japan is having and will ha
. >> tomorrow, that you can see flooding around our area at wbaltv.com. our local members send us these photographs. sure your photos and your video. >> a rude awakening this morning for residents. one of the suspects taken into custody today, it was a scene replayed from "to the wire." we have the exclusive pictures on the story. >> the u.s. attorney's office says this is one of the largest cases that will be prosecuted here in baltimore. 24 people face drug charges. >> be made impact. we got the top, we got the bottom, we get everything in between. >> our cameras were the only ones of rowling. -- rolling. the drug bust started at 4:00 a.m. to read it led to a familiar faces, including actress felicia pearson. police have charged her for intent to distribute heroin. they were among the dozens of suspects who were well dug in the early morning sting operation. >> a lot of the main targets are the violent repeat offenders. allegedly, they have tied to a few murders. >> i am confident that we made a basic section of baltimore much safer by the efforts of these men and women. >> 64 p
to try and change the minds of the count executive and council. >> the county executive tells us he will increase the education budget this year, but they should not expect pay increases for teachers, administration or staff. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the maryland state education association earlier this evening promised a solution to the pension problem that it says will save $160 million in the first year. the plan calls for raising employee contribution rates from 5% to % over two years, lowering the cost of living adjustment to 2% and then acceptings the governor's proposed increases in retirement ages. the plan would add an anti--spiking system. the o'malley administration is said to be reviewing that plan. >> still led by the u.s., we are one week into the air assault on libya. the mission is described as a humanitarian effort, is being met with mixed reviews. >> many, many libyans are safer today because the international community took action. >> they are now saying this is a humanitarian intervention, which is nonsense. if this is not designed to get rid of gaddafi, t
to a stall and created a buyer -- a diversion. >> they would buy gift cards and then used gift cards to purchase a variety of items, dozens of pairs of shoes, prescription glasses, it runs the gamut. >> police are in the process of getting warrants for two more suspects. >> breaking news from annapolis tonight involving the state's expanded ban on texting while driving. late tonight the senate passed a measure that would outlaw reading text messages while driving. violators could face a fine of up to $500. the house and delegates approved a similar measure last week. >> surging oil prices helped sink stocks as oil hovers around $105 a barrel. the dow jones lost nearly 80 points and the s&p 500 inches -- ended the day down 11. the jump in oil prices is causing gas prices to soar, fueling panic at the pump. >> the obama administration is considering tapping the nation's strategic reserves. some experts are against it. >> the white house says it will consider more than the price of oil in determining whether to tap the reserves. the nation's strategic petroleum reserves contains more th
22 years later and the pain is nearly as rob. but there is hope that the u.s. may finally go after the man long but to be the mastermind of the pan am 103 bombing. will miromar gaddafi face charges against the bombing? >> the question comes as the u.s. now looks into sanctions against libya and its leader. new video on the internet allegedly shows even more anti- government uprisings throughout libya appeared good up the, the man who has led that country for three decades -- threat libya. gaddafi, the man who has left that country for three decades has committed human violations that could go hand-in-hand with the bombing of an airplane. u.s. close the case more than three decades ago. but in recent days, several libyan officials say that walmart gaddafi gave the order to blow up that airplane -- say that gaddafi gave the order to book that airplane. one man was convicted of the bombing. libyan intelligence officer. george williams never believe he acted alone in the bombing that killed his only child williams is convinced that the libyan leader walmart gaddafi masterminded the plo
relationship with a teenager. city police told us that he turned himself in. both men and women who say they were abused by catholic priests are calling for a congressional investigation. this comes as members of the survivors network of those abused by priests released a database of more than 1000 alleged abusers. >> we feel that these people have not been brought to justice. they have been let out. we are asking congress to investigate that. >> earlier, we received a statement from the archdiocese. in response to the group and its claims and it says "any suggestion of a cover-up is inherently groundless and unsupportive >> the search continues for a man who is creeping into people's homes while they sleep. >> i am very concerned. that is all i can say. >> people who live in pasadena are upset to learn what happened early thursday morning. a woman in a 7000 block of center date court found a man in her bedroom. they got a second call from a home nearby. >> in that particular case, the victim reported a similar situation. in this case, there was a sexual assault and inappropriate touchi
for treason. >> the westboro baptist church consists mainly of his own family members. they believe the u.s. combat deaths are a result of tolerance. >> soldiers are dying for the sins of this nation. >> the father says he knows he was waging an uphill battle, but he thought the decision would be much closer. the final chapter of the saw the remains -- of this saga remains. they say they now expect for westboro to cover the litigation by asking for more money. >> thank you. in germany today, two u.s. airmen were killed. the shooter was immediately taken into custody. president obama expressed outrage and sadness at the shooting. he extended his condolences to the victims' families and said justice would be served. >> we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. we want to be sure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice. >> two other airmen were also injured in that incident. and in pikesville around 8:00, there was a crash. police are investigating. >> despite a two-week extension to hammer out the budget, republicans and democrats appear to be nowhere
eleaf supplies starting to get in. the u.s. is supplying help. two war ships on the region with aid but this is the beginning of a long loning effort. on top of all that, there is news of a nuclear power leak. we have been talking for the last several hours about shortly after the earthquake there was an explosion that damaged the buildings around one of the reactors. there was a radiation leak. they evacuated a region around that area by about 12 miles. people were undergoing radiation testing. now there is late word there is a second emergency at a second reactor still at that same complex that has something to do with the cooling units that are malfunctioning. there is no word on how or if that is going to effect the evacuations under way for that part of japan. just another obstacle that eleaf agencies trying to get up to that region are trying to deal with. >> and you can view the pictures from japan. also there an interact guide explaining the science behind the tsunami. and due to the catastrophe, dateline sunday will focus on that country and air its show at a later date. ba
they were. it happened in south baltimore. our reporter joins us live the. police say the suspect ran over one of the men and hurt another one behind these gates in a parking lot. employees were doing work outside of this warehouse when something suspicious caught their attention. >> they went around to the side of the building where they encountered one suspect, who they believe was intending to break into their vehicles. >> the workers confronted the suspect. the man got in his car and tried to get away. >> one man was run over by the suspect in a vehicle. another was hurt. >> one of the workers was refreshed to shock trauma where he later died. the other is recovering at another local hospital and is expected to survive. neighbors are shocked by the tragedy. >> sometimes down the end, they get a little carried away. >> never heard anything like this. it is wild. >> police were able to recover the vehicle of the suspect. the investigation is ongoing. police do have one person in custody. they have not filed any charges. wbal-tv. >> thank you, sheldon. police are investigating a shooting
everything in their path, arrived at u.s. coast hours later. residents were sent scrambling to safety. in oregon, coastal residents awoke to sirens and began evacuations. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park getting everybody up. >> in california, the current tossed around boats in santa cruz like they were backed of toys, swapping some ships and leaving others locked -- lost at sea. coastal residents evacuated to higher ground. most of the destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. the damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild from this tragedy. >> a tragedy that could just as easily have happened here. >> a lot of people right here in maryland spent the day struggling to get in touch with friends and family in japan. that includes japanese do is currently studying in the baltimore area. a local university has exchange students in japan right now. kai reed spoke with a
of the economic implications of the disaster. u.s. stocks took a beating. the dow jones lost more than 200 points and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are in the red for the year. as for japan's stock market, it has plummeted. the ongoing nuclear meltdown fears this week -- here is how it looked over the past five trading days. the drop in the japanese market is triggering questions about the impact on our economy. >> kerry cavanaugh joins us with more on that story. >> our economy is tied closely to japan's but that does not mean short-term losses will derail america's economic recovery. >> the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold with 10,000 people dead and 8000 missing. an untold number living in a volatile nuclear situation. this is home to the third largest economy behind china and the u.s.. >> there is an integration between the japanese economy and ours. >> japan's stock market is suffering in the wake of last week's when natural disasters. we ask economists if he expects average americans to adjust their portfolio based on what is happening in japan. >> other high rollers might see otherwise
-tax is receiving mixed reviews. it would be collected just like local taxes. this method of funding is used in 35 other states. some delegates say that could create problems. >> the city's rate is twice as much as other jurisdictions. some say the bill is likely -- unlikely to pass. >> stephanie rawlings blake is standing by her new budget proposal. the proposal would close the $65 million deficit while also -- also cutting hours at the rec center and libraries. new fees for trash pickup would also be implemented. >> i think if we start charging citizens for trash we will see more illegal dumping. >> decisions i am making for the city are hard decisions. they are being recognized nationally for being the right thing to do. >> the proposal includes adding 300 new cops. >>> the proposal of additional officers come as the city surpassed last year's rate. kerry cavanaugh asked the mayor about the shift in the homicide rate. >> the murder rate is often as an indication of how well the crime-fighting strategies are working. she says a shift in the numbers will not cause her to change course. stephanie
and wants police to find him now. there have been no arrests so far and police will not tell us today have questioned. >> that discovery came on the heels of two separate shootings. gunfire erupted in a parking lot of a pair of shopping centers. baltimore city police say a man was shot at 3:00 this afternoon at the frankfurt plaza shopping center. earlier this afternoon and arundal county police say a man was shot outside the mall. police believe the gunmen may have been driving a dark color honda. you are urged to call police with information. >>> police are investigating a string of robberies targeting food delivery drivers. the most recent was saturday. that is the eighth driver robbed since december. the drivers were held at gunpoint and several were assaulted. thomas lakes junior pleading guilty to seven different counts including kidnapping and sexual assault in the murder and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl. it triggered changes to the sex offender laws. today's plea arrangement will allow her family to begin healing. >> nothing can ever bring sarah back to us. it will not repair
obama ordered u.s. military aircraft to help evacuate foreigners from libya. but he has not ordered u.s. warplanes to attack libyan warplanes that take off. rounding the air force with a no-fly zone. two senators said, but do it. >> i argue for the no-fly zone, and i think we could achieve it. >> but it would not be risk free. >> it is not as simple as moving aircraft carrier in deploying a bunch of airplanes. if you have to take action to make sure that you have an air dominance. >> action to eliminate the defenses, his radar, and missiles, action that president obama has not ordered. steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >>> the commander in chief says he is prepared to order u.s. forces into action quickly if, in his words, defenseless libyans get trapped. >>> project economy, stocks finished their best day of 2011, closing up more than 191 points on the dow, nasdaq gaining 51, the s&p closed up 22.5. >>> there is new evidence that maryland's economy is moving in a good direction. >> the state has experienced a spike in business investment, thus indicating economic growth and new jobs.
to reduce energy use by 15% by 2015. hundreds of people around the world to part in the first hour 2010. baltimore raven bree rice is known for his charitable giving and gave again tonight for paul's place. >> the stadium was transformed tonight for a touchdown for cape town gala. -- pig town gala. >> things were not easy where i came up, but if you fight and you do the right thing, you have a chance. if you have an education, no one can take that from you. >> funds it raised from calls placed emergency service program, whose goal is to break the cycle of generational poverty. >> paltz please help to strengthen families and to use and we do that one person at a time. -- families and pouth and we do that one person at a time. >> he wants to help out people and you can just tell he is a really good, good person. >> when you walk out of one of those places down in pig town -- >> the final round of tryouts for the baltimore ravens cheerleaders has racked up tonight. jennifer franciotti was a judge. 90 male and female hopefuls participated in one of skills and one dance round. there is conc
. the vast majority of u.s. states ban and, mostly for sanitary reasons or to keep up appearances. >> the problem is, how well are they contained? you don't need them eating off the plate or disrupting other people. >> the maryland health department along has an issue with reversing the ban, and the conduct of the governor agrees the for leggett member of the family will be happy to note he has a seat at the table or next to it. >>> governor martin o'malley said he supports the idea of merging the university of maryland college park and the university of maryland baltimore. right now, maryland separates its medical and professional schools. a proposal for the university system of maryland board of regents on how merger could be carried out has been included in the senate budget language. >>> baltimore is set to open a new school geared towards fashion, architecture, and graphic design. the baltimore design school has been in the works for some time. as tim tooten explains, city leaders hope it will be a place where students can develop their creative talents. >> the baltimore desi
. that was just six days ago. now they use a swimming pool float and a big stick to navigate their way to dry land. >> they say it is going to rain all weekend. >> what are you going to do? >> emergency workers had to rescue people in several counties that did not get out in time. he used a rowboat to get to his house. a prespring ritual. >> i grew up here. i am 33. it happens. >> 33 times. >> not quite that many. >> through friday, it is all hands on deck. even these inmates and from the county jail pitched in with guards watching. at this strip mall, they know what a few inches of rain can do. >> we got about four inches and flooded out this entire area. >> local businesses were busy moving tons of expensive equipment to higher ground. in a struggling economy, a long work day is all that he needs. >> we are going to lose another four days coming up. >> local officials have urged residents to be prepared to evacuate, be prepared for power outages. all day, the clouds have been building overhead. the rain and flooding is ready to come our way. >> we are going to check in with our chief meteorologi
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